Possible Scenario - Murder
A dramatization looking at the evidence released at this time from a different angle using technology known to exist.
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Sadly the detectives closed the case as a "suicide" without answering many of the following questions.

How to Stage a Suicide with 2016 technology
1. Monitor target's email and phone for details such as web site passwords to include in a suicide note, plus aerial mini spy cam to locate gun.
2. With handwriting samples, use a computerized machine, such as the Bond script pen writer, to print a suicide note to leave with a relative.
3. Knock out target with gas, hitmen enter home with gas masks, find gun and car keys, take body to a site, put gun in his hand and shoot.

Scene 1:  A dark conference room in Washington DC  hypothetical meeting   July 26, 2016
                Men in suits are watching Hillary getting the Democratic nomination on a big TV.

Hitman 1:  Hurray!  Hillary has secured the nomination.  She is on her way to being Puppet in Chief - even better than Bill was.   Now we have the go for some clean up work to make sure no one stands in our way.

Hitman 2: Who do you suggest we take out first?

Hitman 1: Trump is #1 of course.  But he is too well protected by his own professional protection, the world's best that money can buy, plus the Secret Service, and he has his own jet which they watch like a hawk.

Next in line is this man, Scott Robert Makufka, writing as Victor Thorn, has been a thorn in the Clintons' side for over 11 years.  He literally wrote the book on over 100 suspicious murders surrounding our bosses, many published by American Free Press.  He will be mouthing off, going on talk shows such as Dr. Fetzer's Real Deal and book signing tours, and making a lot of trouble. He didn't like Alex Jones at least.  Roger Stone, another trouble maker, credited him in his book Clinton's War on Women.  Donald Trump might start talking about Victor's books, or invite him to speak. So he is #1.  What other info do you have on him?

Hitman 2: We have been monitoring Thorn since 2004.  He was among the first to discover the controlled demolition of the WTC, Silverstein's $4 billion insurance policy, and often spoke and wrote about the Mossad guys arrested on 9/11. So he has a lot of people, from many countries, wanting him terminated.  

Hitman 1:  How would you suggest he be silenced - by an assassin like JFK, plane accident like JFK Jr. (Hillary's rival for NY Senator), car accident like Dan Jowenko, cancer like Dave McGowan,  heart attack like James McDougal, or suicide like Hunter S. Thompson?

Hitman 2:  Assassination will lead right back to Hillary.  Thorn doesn't fly much.  He is in good health so cancer or heart attack is out. So I suggest suicide.  He lives alone and has a gun registered to him which can be put in his hand.

Hitman 1: Good!  So he shoots himself in his home office, like Hunter?

Hitman2: Victor is too much of an out doors man.  In his book Hillary (and Bill) the Murder Volume 3 (selling well on Amazon) on page 86 in paragraph 3 he describes how it was odd that, when our agency staged a sloppy suicide for Vincent Foster, they didn't put the body in a "tranquil and majestic" spot or "beautiful or peaceful setting" for his last view.  Fort Marcy Park had no view.  Plus they left the wrong car in the parking lot by the trail.

Hitman 1: So, let's make sure he has a scenic spot for his suicide, with the right car this time.  Also, I recall there was a witness at Fort Marcy park, Patrick Knowlton, who blabbed to the FBI.  We tried to persuade him to shut up, but he wouldn't.  Luckily the public didn't pay attention.  But nowadays, there is the internet, so make sure there is no one around to witness.

Hitman 2:  Yes, sir.  We are in luck.  There is a good spot at the top of the hill right near his home, the Mt. Nittany Conservancy, just 1/2 mile up the street, which has a scenic view of the valley. He lives at 181 Mt. Nittany Road near Penn State University.  We have seen that he goes for a walk every morning, sometimes as early as 3:00.  

Hitman 1:  But there would be hikers on the trail who might see you carrying the body.

Hitman 2:  There are about a dozen per day hike the trail.  We can do the job in the very early morning when it is dark, like 3:00 am, when no one is around.  According to my Sun & Moon position calculator, there will be no Moon light, and the Sun rises at 6:08 am.  We have night vision aerial drone technology nowadays for SkyWatch.  We will have someone in the van to keep watch and radio to us if anyone is coming.   We will put him, his son Joshua, and dog Midas to sleep with gas.

Hitman 1:  OK, sounds like a plan.  Can you hack into his computer, see what he is up to?

Hitman 2: Yes, we have been looking over his shoulder at his computer for years, using remote access spy-ware like Edward Snowden leaked about Fort Meade.  We have all his emails, files, calls, and texts.  We know the passwords to his FaceBook and web site to include in the suicide note, requesting his son to take them down.  He is working on a book about "the magic of conspiracies".

Hitman 1: We'll do a little magic to make another conspiracy theorist disappear.  (laughter)

Hitman 2: His birthday is coming up on August 1. He is a health nut who doesn't want to grow old. We can give a little birthday present for him - no more growing old!

Hitman 1: Just don't be sloppy like you were while suiciding other 9/11 writers like Hunter Thompson and Phil Marshall.   Hunter was on the phone with his beautiful young blonde wife, who was coming home from her errands and heard the gun!   Like "Honey, I can't wait until you get home.  I'm going to shoot myself now for no reason.  <Bang!>"   I can't believe the Colorado Sheriff fell for that one.

And you killed Phillip's 2 kids and his dog?!  You should have waited until he was alone.  This time, don't park any of our vans near his house!  Make the story plausible to the public, which is waking up and getting suspicious these days.

Hitman 2: Ok boss.  We are learning from our mistakes and will work on a plausible scenario.  The "lone gunman" story has traditionally worked the best.  In this case the gunman would be himself.  

Hitman 1: We have the latest technology available for you, including a new Bond Script machine.  You can leave a detailed suicide note in Victor's handwriting, as with Michael Ruppert's suicide.  

Hitman 2: Victor is a voice and video broadcaster, so he would leave a good bye "selfie" message to his family, friends, and fans.  Can we do that?

Hitman 1: The technology is in the works, but not quite convincing yet.  So we will have to go with the old fashioned "hand written" suicide note.   Go to it.

Scene 2: Victor's home office, Mt. Nittany Road, Lemont, Pennsylvania  July 27

Victor:  Did you get my article in time to make it in this month?  (American Free Press)

AFP Editor: Yes, Victor.  As usual, you are early  We're reviewing it now.

Victor: OK.  Time flies when I'm having fun.

AFP Editor: Thanks Victor, you are our most popular author.  Your Clinton books may sell out as the election approaches.  So we should do another printing.   Keep up the good work.

Victor:   For my next project, I need to add Seth Rich and John Ashe to my book about the Clinton Body Count.

Victor (calling his lawyer):  Did you get the update to my Will in your email?

Lawyer: Yes, your Last Will & Testament is updated.  Congratulations on your increase in book sales.

Victor: Hillary won't like it.  So, just in case something happens to me, I want to make sure my estate is clear to everyone.

Victor (calling his son):  Hi Joshua, Hillary just stole the nomination from Bernie.  Since I wrote the book about over 100 deaths around her, she might send someone to get rid of me.  Just in case, I need to update my instructions of what to do, in case I ever turn up dead.

Joshua:  Ok, Dad.

Victor:  As I have said many times, including on my talk show, we have to stop Hillary now...No way we can allow this woman into the White House. (15:30)

I have to make sure Hillary Clinton never gets into the White House, or America won't be worth living in.

Scene 3: Spy Van in State College, PA   July 29 watching Victor's computer desktop via remote

Hitman 2:  He's checking his email again.  I see his calendar.  He is planning to talk on the Russell Scott West Coast Truth Show in September.

Hitman 3: We have to stop him before he goes on a book signing tour or something.  It is easier to get him while he is at home.

Hitman 2: Yes, did you get some writing samples for the suicide notes?

Hitman 3: Yes, I went in his house while he was running yesterday and took photos of his hand writing.

Hitman 2: Good, scan them into the Bond Script writing machine for handwriting analysis.

Hitman 3: I've been thinking of a script to send to his son Joshua.  How does this sound:

Dear Son,
It has been a pleasure and honor to be your father.  You may not understand what I am about to do, but feel that my purpose has been served on this Earth, and am ready for the next plane of existence. Please respect my decision, which has been a big one for me.  Take care of our parents and send them my love.  Also please take care of my dog.  Take down my Facebook page (password: victor123) and WingTV.net web site (password: victor123).  When my body is found, call Peter and tell him what happened.  The house, my car, and royalties from my books are yours. I know you will be strong and take care of my grand children.  I will be more powerful, at one with The Force, helping from a higher state of consciousness.  Love, Dad

Hitman 2: It sounds kind of corny, but should work.  I don't know about The Force part.  He wasn't into Star Wars that much, from his profile.  How about "one with the Unified Field"?  Victor was into quantum physics.

Hitman 3:  Yes, that sounds better.  Changing that and printing now.  This Bond Script machine does a convincing job.   I tested it with a happy anniversary note and it fooled my wife.

[machine prints suicide notes]

Hitman 2: Ok, looks good.  Now the envelope.  Hitman 4, when I give you the call, and not before, deliver this note it to Victor's son's room.  And wear gloves.   OK?

Hitman 4: Got it.  I really think, since Victor was a talk show speaker, and has recording equipment, that people would expect that he would leave a voice recording or at least selfie video on his phone.   We could use voice morphing like we used for the cell phone calls on 9/11.

Hitman 2:  No, that didn't convince everyone.   Mistakes happen, like when you said "Hi Mom. This is Mark Bingham... You believe me, don't you Mom?"   It's all over the internet, and you are even depicted in the Operation Terror movie.  People on the web will analyze the recording intensely.  Video is still too hard to fake.  Let's keep it simple. 

Hitman 4: That was back in 2001. I've been practicing and voice morphing has improved.  But I see your point. We just need to convince Victor's son it was a suicide. The rest will follow.

Hitman 2: Look, Victor is going jogging now.  Follow him with the drone.

Scene 4:   Lemont, Pennsylvania   July 27, 2016      181 Mt. Nittany Road, Boalsburg, PA  16827

A bird - shaped surveillance drone is flying in the sky, and goes by Victor's home.

Victor comes out of his house for an early morning jog with his dog.

Camera drone follows Victor as he jogs, as the hit men learn his daily route and routine.


Scene 5:   Surveillance Van looking at Victor's home office by camera on mini-drones.     August 1, 2016 at 2:00 am

Hitman 2:  Ok now release the sleeping gas to knock them all out - especially Midas, the dog - quite a barker.

Hitman 3:  OK, here it goes the gas.  Sleep well!

Scenes from "The Prisoner" TV show from 1967

John Drake resigns from the British MI-6 and goes to his home to pack up.

Hit men walk to John's home, with a gas shooting device.

John is gassed, then taken prisoner to The Village, and given the name Number 6.

Hitman 2: It looks like Victor is out cold now. Sleeping like a baby.  His son and dog are out too.  Upload the suicide note files to his hard disk now.

Hitman 3: OK, copying now.  Then I'll change some file date and time stamps to be a few days ago.

Hitman 2:  Now, send the suicide emails to his family.  

Hitman 3: Damn!  He must have changed his email password today.  So we can't send any good-bye emails!  People will expect a simple email at least!  

Hitman 2: Don't worry.  The public is stupid.  I'm sure everyone will believe the hand written notes.  Clean up the remote access spy-ware so the police can't find it, and log off.

Scene 6:  Spy van drops off 3 hit men at Victor's house August 1 at 3:00 am
There was no Moon light on August 1, so it would be very dark until sun rise at 6:08 am.

Hitman 2:  How's it look from above?

SkyWatch (radio): All clear. 
No one is coming.  
Go ahead in.

[They enter Victor's house wearing gas masks]

Hitman 2: Open the windows. 
                Get the gas out of here.

Hitman 3: Ok. We don't want to knock ourselves out.


Hitman 2:  Find his gun. We saw on camera that he keeps it in the top drawer of his desk.  

Hitman 3: I don't see it!

Hitman 2: Damn it!  If we can't find it, we will have to abort, let him wake up, and try another day.

Hitman 3:  I found it!  It was deeper in the drawer.  And it is loaded with bullets.

Hitman 2: Good.  Find his car keys.  We can't walk around the neighborhood with a man in a stretcher.

Hitman 3: Why don't we just put him in our van?

Hitman 2: Because some early bird neighbor might see us.  They know Victor's car, and won't find it suspicious to see it in his drive way or parked near the Blue trail. 

Hitman 3: That makes sense.  Plus, his car is close, right here in the garage.

Hitman 2: Let's put him the back seat of his car for transport to the trail. 
                After we shoot him, we will drive his car back to his driveway, so it looks like he walked the whole way.

Hitman 2:  Put the Notes A, B, and C in his hand to get his fingerprints on them.   Leave the Notes B and C on his desk. 

Hitman 4: OK, will do.

Hitman 2:  Put suicide Note A under his son Joshua's door, next door.  

Hitman 4:  Ok.  I will make sure Joshua and the dog are still knocked out from the gas.

Scene 7: Driving Victor's knocked out body to the Blue Trail in Victor's car  parking lot.  August 1, 2016  3:15 am

Hitman 2:  Park over there, then let's carry him up the hill.  
                Wipe your fingerprints off the car key, put his fingers on them, then put it in the plastic bag.

Hitman 3:  Ok, I'm holding the key by the edges and my gloves won't leave my prints on them. 

Hitman 2:   No people are around.  Let's quickly pull him on to the stretcher.  Oh.  This guy is heavier than he looks.

                  Hitman 4, take the suicide note over to Joshua's house and leave it in the mailbox.
                 Then drive back here to pick us up and take us to Victor's where we will leave the car, then scram.

Hitman 4: But wouldn't Victor simply keep the keys in his pocket?

Hitman 2: Not if he leaves the car at his house and walks to the mountain top.  He is a jogger, remember?

Hitman 4: Oh, that's right.


Scene 8: Hiking up to the top of Mt. Nittany with a stretcher, wearing night vision goggles   August 1, 2016  3:30 am

Hitman 3:  Whew!  I need to rest.  This guy is getting heave, and the trail is getting steeper.

Hitman 2: This is what we train for.  But we have time to put the stretcher down  for 3 minutes.  Let's tighten up his straps so he won't tip over.

[Hitmen carry Victor's body up the trail.]



SkyWatch (on radio): Alert!  There is movement to the North East of you.

Hitman 2:  Just a deer.  No problem.



Scene 9: Hitmen arrive at the top of Mt. Nittany  August 1, 4:00 am

Hitman 2: Here is a good spot with a nice view.  Put the body down here, feet to the west, so it looks like he was looking west at the campus then fell backwards.

Hitman 2: Ok, put the gun in his hand for the Gun Shot Residue, then pull the trigger. 

Don't put the gun in the wrong hand like you did with Phillip Marshall in California.
That was a sloppy one, also killing his son, daughter....and dog?

And only one shot this time!  Not 5 shots like you did with Gary Webb's suicide!

Hitman 3:  I know.  I know.  I have learned a lot doing this job since 2004 and am getting better at it..  
                I am covering the gun with this towel to muffle the sound.

<BANG!>   Done!


Hitman 2: Now, let's cover up our foot prints.
         (Calling Hitman 4 on radio).  Mission accomplished.  Did you leave the note at the son's house? 

Hitman 4: (on radio) Yes, the note has been left.   I'm almost back to Victor's house now.

Hitman 2:  (to radio) Pick us up in the parking lot.  We're coming down.   See you in 10 minutes. 

Hitman 4: (on radio) Ok driving to the trail now. 

Hitman 2: Let's fold up the stretcher and move out!

Hitman 3: OK

Scene 10:  In parking lot     August 1, 2016   4:30 am
                 Hitman 2 and 3 come down the trail to meet Hitman 4 who is in the car.

Hitman 2: Ok, now let's drive the car back to Victor's, wipe off any prints, then get out of here.

SkyWatch (radio):  Alert!  Some car is driving up the road towards the parking lot in 1 minute

Hitman 2: Damn it!  Who gets up so early!?  We can't be seen in Victor's car.  Everyone out!  Hide in the woods!

Hitman 4: I left the key in the ignition.  At least it doesn't have my finger prints on it.

Hitman 2: That is ok, I guess.  The police will think Victor left his keys in the car.
               Let's hope no one thinks that is too strange that Victor would drive 1/2 mile. 
               I see the headlights of the car approaching.  Let's get out of here!

               (radio) Skywatch, have the Van pick us up on the main road.
               Keep an eye hovering over Victor's car until the police come.
               If anyone steals the car, he could be blamed for the murder, which will complicate things.

Hitman 4: That could be a good thing for us.

SkyWatch (radio): Roger that.

Hitman 4: If those folks walk up the trail, they will probably be the ones to report Victor's body.

Hitman 2: Hillary just finished campaigning in Johnstown, about 1.5 hours south west from here.
                Let's go tell her the good news with a wink and a nod.  No words of course.  We can't call or text her.
                She won't have a Thorn in her side any more.

Notes / Questions for the Detective












Discarded Scenes

Scene 9: Hitmen arrive at the top of Mt. Nittany  August 1, 4:00 am

Hitman 2: Here is a good spot with a nice view.  Put the body down here, feet to the west, so it looks like he was looking west at the campus then fell backwards.


Hitman 2: Ok, put the gun in his hand for the Gun Shot Residue, then pull the trigger. 

Don't put the gun in the wrong hand like you did with Phillip Marshall.
That was a sloppy one, also killing his son, daughter....and dog?

And only one shot this time!  Not 5 shots like you did with Gary Webb's suicide.

Hitman 3:  I know.  I know.  I have learned a lot doing this job since 2004.  

<BANG!>   Done!


Hitman 2: Now, let's cover up our foot prints.
         (Calling Hitman 4 on radio).  Mission accomplished.  Go ahead and leave the note at the son's house now! 

Hitman 4 (on radio): Roger that!  Let me know when and where to drive the van to pick you up.

[Hitmen carefully rake the area and place Victor's foot prints with a shoe, for about 5 minutes.]

SkyWatch (radio):  Alert!  Some guy is walking up the trail towards you from the south.

Hitman 2:  Damn it, an early bird!  Who goes hiking at 4 besides Victor?  We can't go back and will just have to leave Victor's car at the bottom of the trail. 

Hitman 3:  Boss, I still have his car keys, so we could drive his car back to his driveway.  What should we do?

Hitman 2:  Damn it!  The hiker probably saw the car, so we will have to go with Plan B to leave the car there,
                although it will look suspicious that Victor would drive only 1/2 mile to the trail.. 

Hitman 3:  I'll put the keys in his pocket.  But we will have to rake and cover my tracks again.
               It is a good thing we practiced this during our simulation training.

SkyWatch (radio):  Red Alert!  Hiker is now jogging towards you, 500 yards and closing!

Htiman2:    Damn it!  There is no time for that now.  Plan C.
                .SkyWatch (radio) bring the van around to the north side! 
                 Then drive me back south, so I can place the keys in his car
                Let's fold up the stretcher and move out!

Scene 10:  In parking lot     August 1, 2016   4:30 am
                Van drives near Victor's car.  Hitman 2 sneaks over to car, wearing gloves, and puts keys in the car.

Hitman 2: Let's hope no one thinks that is too strange. 
               Let's get out of here!


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