Sun and Moon Positions
August 1, 2016
State College, Pennsylvania

Did Victor have a flash light with him at the top of Mt. Nittany?
What was the Time of his Death (TOD)?  04:00 am?  06:00 am?
There was no Moon light on the night of August 1.
The Moon rose on the horizon just before the Sun, and would have minimal lighting effect.
If the TOD was before 06:00, how could Victor see while walking up the Blue Trail?
This would support the Murder Scenario with hitmen wearing night vision goggles to carry Victor to the top.

2016-08-01 04:00 map
Too dark to walk up trail.

2016-08-01 04:00 satellite

2016-08-01 05:00

2016-08-01 06:00

2016-08-01 07:00

2016-08-21 04:00
If it as August 21, there would be Moon light  web site

Sunrise was 6:08 AM on August 1, 2016