Scene 5:   Surveillance Van looking at Victor's office by camera     August 1, 2016 at 2:00 am

Hitman 2:  Ok now send in our mosquito and give him enough poison to knock him out.  

Hitman 3:  We sure have come a long way since the old 1975 dart gun! * (flash back)

* CIA's undetectable poison dart gun described by CIA Director William Colby in 1975 to Senator Frank Church, chairman of the investigation




Hitman 4: OK.  I have Victor's trade mark hat on, so I look enough like Victor if I am seen on any traffic cameras
                The Colony Inn is near Joshua's house which has security cameras.   I'll drive by in front of them.

Hitman 2: Good thinking.  But take off your beard.  You can see that Victor doesn't have a beard any more.
                Go now, and we'll see you in about 45 minutes in the parking lot, then we will leave the car at Victor's.


Hitman 4:  Ok.  Got it.  I will keep my gloves on, and leave the note at Victor's son's house when you give me a call.  I'm on my way in the van.