Questions concerning the suspicious suicide of renowned conspiracy author Victor Thorn of State College
by Andy R.



Let’s look at some of the things we know.


1. He jogged six miles a day. How many six mile a day joggers commit suicide?


2. He stated very recently that if he is found dead, he did not commit suicide and that it would definitely be a case of murder if he was. Why would he say that?


3. He wrote at least 20 books about political figures and various conspiracies. Everyone I’ve talked to or listened to says that this is the greatest time to be alive when it comes to Presidential politics. Victor Thorn lived for this.


4. Recent interviews that we’ve listened to had him sounding very sane and extremely intelligent. No indication of depression whatsoever.


5. In the past two weeks, there have been at least five mysterious deaths all connected to Hillary Clinton in some way. The probability laws are starting to indicate very strongly that these cannot all be coincidences. And now Assange’s top lawyer has gotten ran over by a train.


6. There has been nothing reported about his death by the local media, and no one including his family have placed an obituary in any publication. It is now 14 days from his death, and nothing so far. Although having an obit is a family choice, wouldn’t you think there would be one for someone of his stature? He was from St. Mary’s and no obit was found in this paper or the CDT.


7. He was very well known nationally and internationally by those who are in the alternate media and by those who follow it, yet the Centre Daily Times says that he was not a figure of note, even though they published a major article about a local homeless man who was found dead.

“In general we don't report suicides unless they involve public figures or are committed in a public fashion. In this case we have neither and to this point no foul play is suspected (other than on the internet). We are keeping an eye on the case in case any of that changes.”

8. The State College police have many unsolved murders on the books that have never been solved.


9. Victor Thorn died on Aug 1st; isn’t it coincidental Hillary was in Harrisburg on Jul 30th and Johnstown Jul 31st? Her traveling henchmen just a stone’s throw from State College.


10. The CDT (Centre Daily Times) will not report on his death because he is not a figure of note but Victor Thorn has been credited for creating the term “CLINTON BODY LIST”. Roger Stone, a Trump insider and advisor, has dedicated his bestseller book “The Clintons’ War on Women” to him:


11. It has been reported that the State College police have confiscated Thorn’s material for his fifth upcoming book on the Clintons concerning the Clinton Global Initiative, where the Clintons have raked in over $3 billion. One report states that he had damaging emails on the Clintons in this regard. Roger Stone who freely makes references to Thorn’s books also has been hacked and had material on the Clintons stolen shortly after Thorn’s death.


12. It has also been reported that State College police no longer have any records of his death although some sites have claimed there may be an ongoing investigation. Is there or isn’t there?


13. Victor Thorn was at the height of his success and his Clinton Trilogy on sex, murder, and drugs, are considered some of the best books ever written on the Clintons. Amazon has identified his Hillary and Bill Sex Volume as a best seller:


It should be noted that Texe Marrs, who interviewed Victor Thorn and was a friend, had a heart attack
The CIA disclosed their heart attack dart gun at the Senator Church hearings in 1975.

Parents: Robert J. Makufka (81) and Rena l. Makufka (80)

Victor spent many hours speaking into a microphone, and would have left a "good bye" recording or "selfie"
to his fans - not just a written suicide note that could be faked by computer assisted machine.
Victor was a martyr, not a quityr

Unfortunately these broadcasts and his web site WhoIs (registered until 2023) gave potential assassins ideas about
Victor's real name, address, preferences, and daily routine with which to stage the perfect, plausible "suicide"

His address on the WhoIs is  1326 Shoferd Lane, State College PA 16801 which would make the following route of 1.9 mil
No this home was a trailer and no longer owned by Victor or his son
It is irrelevant to the case.  The WhoIs address was simply out of date.

Was this really his home?  There seems to be only 1 house on Shoferd Lane, next to the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson.  There is no reason to give it such a high number as 1326.

There is one more house beyond, which has a kid's slide, but Victor's son was grown up.

It might be his son's home.
Victor's home is 181 Mt. Nittany Road, Boalsburg, PA  16827

According to Lisa G
No Joshua lived in a connected home or trailer on the same property.
The dog's names is Midas

There is a different Scott Makufka in NYC which is not Victor Thorn.

His Meetup Id: not used

His Amazon account indicating books he may have ordered

Steve AndersonThis photo, often on the web, is NOT Victor Thorn.  It is Steve Anderson, who merely recommended Victor's books.