Truth & Justice for Victor Thorn
Weighing the evidence

Reasons for suicide Reasons for Murder
Victor did not want to grow old and frail in the future He was still in great shape, and jogging for future health in life.
Exercise is how we slow the ageing process.
  He literally wrote the book on the suspected Clinton Machine murders
  He just saw Hillary steal the nomination from Bernie and would be motivated
  He was scheduled to be on Russell Scott's West Coast Truth Show in Sept.
  He told Russell that if he was ever dead, it was murder, not suicide
  His parents were elderly and if he died, that would push them over the edge
  He would have made a suicide selfie with his mobile phone
  Suicide notes can be faked for $2.99 per page by computerized machine
  He knew he was needed more than ever, to defeat Hillary
  He was curious and interested in current events and the election
  He spelled out in his book about Vince Foster's fake a suicide
Source: Hillary (and Bill): The Murder Volume, pages 86-87 "Hoaxed Suicide"
  He had a son, and a dog who needed him to be available.

Victor would be on talk shows about his book about Clinton murders, so there was great motive to get rid of him. He told the host of the Russell Scott show he would never commit suicide.

Remember, the case is still open. We have to consider that computerized machines can mimick handwriting for $2.99 per page (  ) so the suicide note is not conclusive. An assassin knocking Victor out at his home with a dart could move the body to the site then stage the "suicide" by putting his registered gun in his hand. There are too many events going on now (ex. Trump vs. Clinton) that were interesting to Victor. He would not put his elderly parents through such heart breaking stress, but would wait until they passed at least - or until he had health problems. But he was in great shape from jogging.

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